Major’s World Cup Shouts

Rules / How to play

Simple rules really, just answer each category with your World Cup shouts, at the end of the World Cup we will check all the answers and person with the most correct shouts wins!

  • Deadline is Sunday 20th November @ 16:00 (when the WC kicks off)
  • Only one submission per player, your first submission is locked in (so take your time!)
  • You can pick the same team or player for multiple questions (might be good stategy actually)
  • If you put N/A then you would get 0 points on that question (so even if unsure just have a guess)
  • Each correct shout is 1 point, winner is the person with the most points and will be announced on Monday 19th December. If multiple winners, the winnings will be split
  • We’ve given some help to some questions, just hit the question mark icon to see the tip

Good luck!

Team shouts

Nation who win the World Cup
Nation who lose in the final, finishing second
Winner of the 3rd place game
Nation who scores the most goals throughout the tournament
Nation who concedes the most goals throughout the tournament