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Name: Nicky Battye
Job Title: Area Sales Manager

It is said that in business, there are three rules to success…..

Know your people, know your people, know your people!

Part of Major’s company culture is to let our staff know that they are our biggest asset. We are constantly engaging our team with fun and engaging events, social outings and internal publications.

Taking inspiration of how we engage internally we have decided to create ‘Major Experiences’. These are light-hearted interviews with some of our employees, where they can describe themselves, their roles and what life at Major is really like.

The first of these will be Area Sales Manager, Nicky Battye.

How would someone describe you?

“That I am outgoing, outspoken, passionate. Driven and determined
On a personal level – Crazy!!!!”

What are you passionate about?

“My team and my business Major Recruitment.”

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

“I really take things to heart and although I may look hard on the surface, I am a very caring person.”

How long have you worked with Major?

“Nearly 5 years.”

What made you choose Major Recruitment as opposed to other recruitment agencies?

“The family feel, they are very supportive of families and that fitted with my work life balance.”

What did you expect from Major Recruitment when you joined?

“Coming from running my own business for 9 years I was a bit optimistic what it was going to be like! But Everything that I have experienced has exceeded my expectations.”

Throughout your time with Major how have you developed as a professional?

“I have, although I initially said that I didn’t want to be a manager, I have fallen into the position and loved every minute of it. We have received boot camp training which was excellent getting all the managers together and learning from each other.”

How has Major impacted you?

“Coming from my own business it was quite nerve racking coming into a new job! Major has given me the autonomy to run my office the way I see best.”

How have you impacted on Major Recruitment?

“I would like to think that my passion for Major rubs off on my work colleagues.”

What do you wish other people would know about Major?

“We are a family and there is always someone you can talk to no matter what you have to say, there will always be a support network.”

What is your favourite memory with Major?

“In 2017 I won 3 awards at the Annual Awards Ceremony – Highest Net profit–Team of the Year, Managers Award and Highest GP performance.”

Do you have a defining experience with Major Recruitment?

“Becoming Manager, I have always had a small team, but we have always worked well together and trust and support each other – Being part of a team :)”

How would you describe Major Recruitment to future employees?

“We provide a professional service while still being able to have fun in the workplace. You will feel supported from your own team and Major as a group.”

Keep your eye on Major News for more Major Experiences to come, including Director Jo Lofts, Senior Operations Consultant Lydia Donaldson and Branch Manager Stuart Melrose.

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