On Wednesday 12th of June, The Major Group Family turned pink for a day to raise money for Candlelighters and their #PINKITUP week! Candlelighters are a Yorkshire based charity who support families facing children’s cancer. They focus on using donations in three ways:
• Supporting families – Candlelighters use donations to help family finances, help them to take holidays and create events were they can meet other families in similar situations to themselves.
• The Square – This is the home of Candlelighters. Funding is used here to create a safe environment for families to unwind and unburden themselves. The square is based in Leeds city centre.
• Research – Candlelighters also use donation for cancer research. In 1992 they opened their own laboratory and have conducted much research in to cancer treatment. When Candlelighters first opened in 1970 only 10% of child patients survived; now thanks to research, medicine, and support from all donations, more than 80% of children survive cancer! (www.candlelighters.org.uk/how-can-we-help/research).

We got involved in a load of different ways across many of our sites:

We sold cake, buns & other delicious treats. We had a few brave souls get themselves waxed and even had a performance the best Pink tribute act in Major Recruitment, collectively we raised £1015! What does this mean for Candlelighters? Well, £1000 means a family can enjoy a holiday to centre park, £300 funds the Candlelighters bus for a day and £100 can cover the cost for a children’s entertainer in a ward for a day.
We’d like to thank Lucy Woodward who brought Major and Candlelighters together and oversaw the event, we’d also like to thank everyone who got involved by raising money or donating! Finally, we’d like to thank Candlelighters for all the hard work they do for sick children and their families across Yorkshire, they make a real difference!

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