As we all know, your job is a huge part of your life. It’s where you’ll be spending the majority of your day, or night (as much as you may not want to believe that). Therefore, it is important that you enjoy your job or at least don’t hate it! Your job should fit your skill set and values rather than you compromising to fit your job.

Hopefully, this article might help you recognise the often subtle signs that you need to look for a new job. A few signs to consider may be:

You’re under-challenged in your role

Some people believe that in order to have an easy life without stress, that they need an easy job. This is not necessarily the case; your job should be challenging (not beyond your knowledge/skill set), enough that you aren’t bored or become complacent. If you feel unmotivated at work, this will gradually take its toll. It’s a sign that you need to search for a job that will test you and your abilities.

New Job - Underchallenged

Uncomfortable workplace

Another sign that you should start perusing the job ads is if you feel uncomfortable at your current workplace. This could be due to several factors: bullying, poor communication with your managers or a poor company policies. You need to feel secure and confident in your work environment as this is where you’ll be spending most of your days/nights.

Work-life balance is very unbalanced

Do you find yourself negatively thinking about work whilst you are at home? Are you anxiously clicking the refresh button on your emails, or going in on days off? If so, you should probably start thinking about looking for a new job. Although you cannot keep work entirely separate from your home life, it should not be affecting your personal life or relationships with people outside of work. For example, if you’re going out to the pub (now that they’re open) and your mates are nagging you to get off the phone and relax, then your work is probably an issue.

New Job - Unbalanced

Under-valued at work?

Being under-valued is not always linked to money, although being under-paid can be a sign of you being under-valued. This could be being passed up for a promotion opportunity, or that your boss isn’t invested in your work or that they don’t listen to your opinions. Being undervalued is something many individuals will hide and just put up with, but this can be damaging to your mental health and negative feelings should not be constantly accepted.

Concerns about the way your company is heading

In some circumstances you may feel unsure about the route your company may be going down. This could be a morality issue or an issue with certain staff or company policies. It can be a big issue or the smallest of things, however if you cannot ignore it and it’s always on your mind, then it’s a valid reason to think about a new role.

New Job - Dispair

Productivity has dropped

You could be slipping on deadlines or leaving certain tasks incomplete. Maybe you are not replying to emails as much as you should be? Whatever it is, if your productivity or performance levels have dropped, it’s clear you’re not happy in your current role. When things have gotten this bad, it can be almost impossible to overcome.

If you are reading this article thinking, hmmm that’s how I feel – it’s probably the biggest sign that you should be looking for a new job. You need to find a new role that you’re more motivated about and fulfils you. Remember, if the job does not feel right for you then it probably isn’t. Getting the right job is crucial and is key to happiness in your life.

If you’re already looking for a new role, or this article has opened your eyes, you’re at the right place! You can see all of our current vacancies here. Alternatively, if you need any help or guidance we’re here to help. Contact your local office today.