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How to apply for jobs

It’s easy to put yourself forward, here’s a few options to do it:

1. Just use our job searcher and apply directly

Here, you can send us your CV so we can understand your skills and experiences.

2. Fill out our application form

We have a handy application form where you can send us your details and CV. Here you can tell us what kind of work you’re looking for and then you can leave the rest to us.

3. Pop in your local branch

Come and see us and we can chat about finding your ideal job.  If you’re interested in temporary work, just remember to bring your correct documents.

What happens next?

Now you’ve done your bit, we can crack on with what we do best. Here’s the steps:

1. First, we will review your application.

2. Once we have a job in mind for you, we will invite you in to your local branch for a chat.
If you’re after a temporary role, remember to bring these documents with you!

3. We’ll confirm your hours with the client and they’ll be expecting you!

Here’s some helpful info

You’ve probably got a load of questions, so we’ve put together some FAQ to help:

Q1. How do I get paid? – We pay all our temporary workers weekly. Every Friday you’ll receive your previous working week total pay. It’s one of the many benefits of temping with us. We tend to pay directly to your bank using secure BACS, but if you don’t have a bank account, we can also pay you by cheque. Read more…

Q2. I have applied for a job but I have not been contacted yet – why? – There could be a few reason for this. Sometimes are clients are very specific about experience and skills required for the job. Sometimes we may have already put someone else forward for the job. Regardless, as long as we have your details and you’re looking for work, we’ll contact you as soon as a suitable job comes up. Read more…

Q3. Do I receive any benefits, such as holiday entitlement? – Absolutely! In fact, if you temp with us you receive some of the best benefits in the recruitment industry. Here’s what you’re entitled to: Paid holiday days, Statutory Sick Pay, the National Minimum wage, the workplace facilities which may include a canteen or parking. Read more…

Q4. Why should I be a temporary worker? – Working as a temporary worker has loads of advantages, for example: earn a weekly wage, gain some valuable experience, temp-to-perm opportunities, variety of work, work at loads of great companies. Read more…  

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