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What we do

We are a people business. We provide people with opportunities and opportunities for people. Our teams of specialist recruiters have extensive knowledge and experience in multiple sectors and are dedicated to finding the perfect fit for you. Our business is divided into divisions, each with its own unique approach, practices, and procedures tailored to the industry we serve.

As an independently owned company that has grown organically, we’re deeply connected to the local communities and markets where we operate, allowing us to offer unparalleled expertise in each geographical location. Let us help you take the next step business today.

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Why do we do it?

At Major, we’re driven by a desire to make a real impact. We believe that by creating opportunities for hardworking individuals, we can empower communities and help families thrive. It’s incredibly rewarding for us to know that our work makes a difference in people’s lives.

We understand that a company’s success is built on the strength of its team. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding the best talent every day. Our expertise allows us to provide companies with the people they need to excel, and we’re proud to play a role in building great teams and great companies.

We put customers first 

Everyone is our customer; a temporary worker is a customer, a permanent candidate is a customer, a client is a customer

We are Independent.
As an independently owned company, we take pride in being in control of our own destiny. Without the constraints of shareholders, we have the freedom to chart our own course and make decisions that align with our values and goals.

Our story began with just three employees in Leeds, but over the years we’ve grown and expanded organically. We’ve built a network of branches and divisions, each one rooted in the local community. Our growth has been hard-won, earned through our dedication to providing the best service to our candidates and clients since 1992.

We empower people.
Our Major team are empowered to make their own decisions, to implement their own ideas and to develop their own careers. We all take ownership of our actions and are given the autonomy to work how we know best.

Different to other agencies.
We work differently to other agencies because of how our culture has been shaped. We strive to achieve our core values of Genuine, Passionate, Progressive and Resilient on a daily basis.


Genuine Core Value - About Major RecruitmentPassionate Core Value - About Major RecruitmentProgressive Core Value - About Major RecruitmentResilient Core Value - About Major Recruitment








Those are just words and icons, what do they mean to us:


As a family, we tend to say it how it is! To us, genuine means being honest, being ethical and principled. We offer a completely transparent approach, so you know that what we promise – we can deliver.


Passion is at the heart of everything we do, it’s what drives us to succeed. We’re deeply passionate about recruitment and we work to deliver complete solutions that bring our customers peace of mind.


We are a proactive organisation; you’ll never see us sitting still. We are constantly looking for new markets and new solutions. We are innovative and use technology to support and evolve us, but not replace us.


Resilience is our mindset, it’s in the Major Family DNA. We don’t bounce back from adversity, we bounce forwards. Turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and learning.

Major at a Glance


1992 - Banned from our local for having too many candidates

We began life in Morley, Leeds.

Our first ever temporary worker was a tractor driver for our client in West Yorkshire. Things were very different in 1992, every Friday we invited all of our temporary workers to join us for a drink in the local pub after work.

By the end of 1992, the pub asked us to stop coming in because they couldn’t cope with the number of patrons!


1996 - It's all getting a little Technical

We were growing at such a rapid rate it became very clear that we needed to open more offices. In 1994, that’s what we did, we evolved into a multiple branch operation, with the opening of two brand new sites in Dewsbury and Wakefield.

Major may have expanded to three offices, however we were primarily recruiting for Industrial roles and clients.

So in 1996, we added a couple more strings to our bow! We added both Technical and Engineering recruitment to our portfolio, and this is where Major Technical was born.


2004 - Chuffed to move into Lancashire

At the turn of the century the company evolved from a sole trader into a private limited company. Our roots were now firmly set within Yorkshire, but with pushing the company forward in mind, in 2004 we decided it was time we crossed the county lines for the first time.

This expansion into Lancashire may have led to arguments about tea, muffins and pies.

However, these were our only issues. This was our first move outside of Yorkshire and we’ve not looked back, we are now operating within several locations throughout the Red Rose County.


2007 - The beginning of Key Selection

This was a special year for the Major Recruitment group, it sees the birth of what would become our EP Scheme Key Selection Investments.

With the first of what would become many of our Equity Partners opening their doors!


2011 - It's all about Energy and Logistics

If the opportunity is there and we feel we have the skills and people to make it a success, then we’ll take it.

We proved this once again this year when we added two more divisions to our organisation. Adding Major Logistics and Major Energy allows us to enter two new recruitment sectors, and results show – this was a great idea!!


2013 - A little more 'Healthy' growth

We decided to change things around a little this year, as we moved our Head Office team to our Huddersfield branch.

Feeling we could make a big mark in the health and social care sector, 2013 saw the birth of another new division – Major Healthcare. Since 2013 this division has grown year on year.


2018 - Automotive is just one of many additions to the group

Not only were we busy expanding the Major Recruitment presence in Lancashire by opening branches in Blackburn and Wigan, but we also added Major Automotive and Major Civil Engineering to the Major Group.

2017 saw the beginning of Major’s boost of it’s EP scheme, as we continue to offer individuals the opportunity to work with us and help themselves to our expertise. Now in 2018 and we’re showing no signs of slowing down, with a total of 11 new companies joining the Major Group Family! These partners have enjoyed incredible success in a short period of time, with some surpassing £1M sales in the first year alone!

In September we also opened our RTITB FLT training division – full order book by December!


2019 - Och aye, Major are in Scotland!

It’s 2019 and Major’s exponential growth shows no signs of stopping! Major Recruitment Scotland sees us open our first office outside of England, in Aberdeenshire to be exact.

We have also expanded our EP scheme significantly! With a total of 19 equity partners. We now have 24 branches across the UK. This now means that we’re not only a force in the North of England, but we’re operating on a national scale. With a workforce of over 150 and in April 2018 company turnover stood at a company best of £19.4 million!


2020 - The year everyone would like to forget!

It’s safe to say, 2020 was a pretty disastrous year for the UK and the world – nobody saw any of that coming! However, Major have fought through the adversity and still managed to continue to push forward and grow. Managing to win ‘major’ contracts and continue to grow the organisation with the opening of many new offices across the UK.

We began our Midlands project, with 2 new offices in Daventry and Castle Donington. In the later stages of the year, 4 more branches were added (giving us a total of 8 different Midlands teams). A record breaking 15 EP’s have been added to the Major Family since January 2020 and we’re not stopping there! We won’t let anything stop us – not evening a Nationwide Pandemic!

Major’s results in 2020 saw us receive several business awards, we were inducted into the Growth 100, Kirklees Top 100 and Yorkshire’s Fastest 50 Companies. We ended the year with a massive £1,000,000 of temp sales which was a first for us, and we did it all with masks on!


2021 - Constantly improving our service

2020 was about growth, and 2021 we focused on improving our service (oh and growing more too). We have created new roles and bolstered many teams within the Head Office section of the organisation; including HR, Learning and Development and Sales.

After asking our candidates, clients and staff what they wanted from us, we are putting those changes into practice. With new systems being implemented across the board to streamline our service. New training systems, HR systems and the biggest saw us make a significant technology investment with The Access Group for our brand new comprehensive suite of recruitment technology.

There’s absolutely no sitting back and focusing on our investments though, Major continued to grow with the addition of Major Managaed Services, our dedicated onsite recruitment solution for clients. 2020 saw Major land £1M of temp sales in the year, yet 2021 we hit that mark by July – it’s going to be a good year!


2022 - Major is 30!

It’s a birthday, we’re a 30 year old business but we still not like we’re in our 20’s!

At financial year end we smashed our £29M turnover barrier and achieved an amazing £61 MILLION! Managed Services really kicks into gear with new sites and new clients popping up across the UK.

We also started our first Charity of the Year initiative partnering with the fantastic Zoe’s Place.


2023 - Business is booming

2023 sees the start of two new divisions Major Exec and Major Direct.

Our Managed Services division lands two of it’s biggest clients to date and it’s a huge part of the Major structure now.

We also meet our new Charity of the Year: Maggie’s Centres, a place where anyone affected by charity can simply turn up and ask for help.

The Major Group Family