Major Recruitment are members of the ALP and subscribe to Complyer, the internal ethical audit tool. This is used to ensure peace of mind and regular site health-checks. Our in-house people and operations team regularly deliver ALP workshops to employees.

Complyer ensures that Major complies with GLAA Standards, Agency Workers Regulations and the Modern Slavery Act transparency in supply chains good practice.

What is ALP?

The Association of Labour Providers (ALP) is a specialist trade association. Formed in 2004, it was established to promote responsible recruitment and good practice for all organisations that supply labour.

ALP - Warehouse Staff

At Major Recruitment, we are very proud of our ALP membership. We use their model of good practice to build our recruitment policies.

Its purpose as a specialist trade association was to promote responsible recruitment. To Instil good practices within organisations supplying workforce to agricultural, food processing and wider consumer goods supply chain.

Above all, their goal is to ensure the provision, use and management of any labour is recognised as a model of good practice.

How does it do this?

ALP members can range from small local providers to the largest national employment businesses. Including any provider servicing the consumer goods supply chain. Across the food processing, horticultural and wider manufacturing sectors (distribution, industrial and warehousing).

For the provision of temporary labour to the UK consumer goods supply chain to be a model of good practice.

The ALP’s aim

Here’s how do they do this:

  • Raising Standards. Improving the general standards of labour provision beyond base compliance
  • Promoting Growth. Raising awareness of labour providers’ contribution to supply chain efficiency
  • Worker Responsibility. Supporting labour providers and users, to comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities
  • Sustainable Supply – Defining and applying fair pay and charge rates that will enable business sustainability
  • Proportionate Regulation – Advocating proportionate regulation of labour provision that facilitates fair competition
  • Sector Support – Constantly championing the work of labour providers

ALP have also created complementary initiatives to support organisations in providing recruitment. The Responsible Recruitment Toolkit is an online resource which helps businesses become more responsible recruiters. It includes guidance and step-by-step instructions, videos, workshops and resources.

ALP - Food manufacturing

Most importantly, the ALP influences government and regulatory policies. Providing a wide range of useful information and services to all of its members.

Proud to be part of the ALP

ALP’s mission to make UK labour provision a model of global good practice, is something Major could not endorse more. Similarly, Major pride ourselves on providing a fair and quality service that leaves clients and candidates happy.

We want potential employers and employees to know they’re with an organisation with the highest ethical and performance standards. That we constantly demonstrate due diligence and improve audit success and constantly protect brand and business reputation. For more information on ALP, you can visit their website here.