Major Recruitment’s growth has been continuous, year on year. Our brand-new Aberdeenshire branch is a landmark for us, as it will be our first team outside of England. We are certain it will not be the last!

Our widespread scope across the UK means that we can apply roles across the entire country, from the North all the way to the South.

Clovertec - Microsoft 365

Major and our Equity Partners continue to grow exponentially, which is amazing. However, it is not without its difficulties. We pride ourselves on the family feel of our business. Which is why we attract incredible talent many of which become long serving members of the Major Family. It is vital that we keep this family culture across the entirety of the company as we grow. This is not an easy task, but with the help of Microsoft 365 tools and IT support from our partners at Clovertec, this has become a possibility.

Working with Clovertec

We have a very close working relationship with Clovertec, in which we are in contact with weekly, if not daily. They came to us with the idea of migrating to Microsoft 365 and utilising its tools: Microsoft Teams, Yammer and One Drive to benefit our business. These tools allow us to communicate cross-branch so effectively and efficiently, that we can continue to operate and grow at our current magnitude without having to worry about losing the family feel.

  • With Teams we can hold remote meetings with any member of staff across the other side of the UK using video technology. Teams in Bristol, Huddersfield and Aberdeenshire can all share information at the same time in one space. The expenses and time this saves is invaluable. You cannot compare the quality of communication between speaking down a phone to being able to see your colleague and gauge how they feel about the topic.
  • With Yammer we have the facility to share and celebrate any achievements (both business and personal). Utilising it as our personal social media tool. There is so much going on within our business, people achieving truly great things, that we need to acknowledge this. This inspires each of our employees to continue to develop themselves both inside and outside of work.
  • With One Drive we can instantly share team documents with one another. There is no waiting around for someone to share a document with you. Everything that’s created and updated can be stored in one location. Which means everyone in your team has access at the click of a button.

Major progression

Major Recruitment and our Equity Partners continue to be progressive and dynamic within the recruitment sector. With these tools now available to us, we can maintain our family feel which make Major unique.

Here is a short video we recently made about our companies thought process in the migration to Microsoft 365. And how Clovertec assisted us in choosing the best tools within the package to help us succeed.