When you think about working in a busy workplace, stress is probably quite high up on your list of expectations. But what if that could be adapted by creating a workplace culture. One that allows employees to trust in one another and feel like part of a community.

In recent years, the workplace has adapted and evolved, attempting to include all employee needs. With the introduction of a higher level of flexible hours, hot desking, and shared parental leave, amongst other things.

However, with the onset of a worldwide pandemic, this has shifted dramatically once again. Companies’ hands have been tied with the options available to them. Things are now slowly beginning to go back to how they were (hopefully). This is the perfect opportunity for organisations to instil a new culture that will benefit everyone.

Stressed worker at her desk - Culture

Employers should start to collaborate with their employees and take their opinions into account when making company-wide decisions. Employees need to be appreciated and feel validated for them to feel fulfilled in the role. An employee should be able to walk into work relatively stress free with confidence in both their managers and colleagues.

So, what steps can an organisation take to help do this?

Check in on mental and physical health

Mental and physical well-being are imperative to creating a positive workplace environment. When someone is feeling slightly off or under the weather, the smallest disappointment can feel like a huge setback and could stay with them for days, building up the stress and affecting them and others they work with. If you need help with this, there are so many places offering guidance and even training.

Create an environment of trust

Trust is key in creating a positive workplace culture free of stress. Not only does trust create a positive environment, it also allows employees to feel as though they can speak up about errors made and changes, they feel should be made. This makes them feel valued, improving work ethic and the way that their workplace is viewed will become more positive.

Promote support strategies

Making it clear to employees that there are support strategies in place will help to relieve stress. As they will know that they have a safety net if they ever feel overworked. Or, if they have issues in their personal life that may be brought into the workplace.

Workplace activities

Having a workplace activity will help to distract from stress, do not worry this does not have to be costly. The littlest things such as a treat table or a dress down day will have a positive result. It will create a slightly lighter atmosphere and a community feel for employees as well as give them something to look forward to.

Collaborate meeting - culture

Whilst these are all good short-term tips to creating a stress-free workplace culture, you must make sure that they apply to your business or workplace. Some will fit and others will not but to understand which will or will not, you must look at your own circumstance.

Most of these ideas rely upon making employees feel valued and comfortable, which will reduce workplace stress. It can be broken down to this – treat employees as you would want to be treated in their position. Then you are more likely to reduce their stress, and in return get a high performing organisation.