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With a genuine national coverage, we have worked hard to become one of the UKs largest employment businesses. We supply temporary, permanent and hybrid solutions across the country to a varied selection of clients; large and small, food and logistics, manufacturing and retail. Our managed services division naturally evolved through client partnership and we now provide companies with dedicated onsite teams who embed themselves; working for the client, working as the client.

We are proud to call these clients our partners. Our vision is to work hard representing them, becoming the site and client of choice in their given location and sector.

Since 1992, we have built a reputation for delivering quality recruitment solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. Major Recruitment is a name to be trusted based on ethics, compliance and service delivery, that’s why clients request our onsite service.

“What they say they’re going to do, they deliver”.

Alan Martin, General Manager Whistl Northampton
Managed Services - Onsite Team

Our Onsite Team

In today’s labour market, the role of a recruitment partner is crucial. It’s not about bums on seats, it’s about recruiting the right workers and then retaining them.

A lot of agencies focus on numbers, trying to land as many onsite clients as they can in one location. Promising each client the highest level of service. They then attempt to keep all the clients they have in that area happy, with none of them actually getting the focus they were promised. Surely, this a flawed system: is this really a fair and reciprocating partnership?

Our ‘non-dilution’ supply model means that when we partner with a client in a specific area, we will not dilute our service by working with other onsite clients in your sector in the same geography. This means that we will become known as the supplier working with you and will help drive candidates to us. It also means that we will never have to choose which client to assign workers to.

‘…our industry is renowned for attempting to please everyone, which usually ends in failure.’

We don’t do plate spinning…

The ability to focus on one onsite client means that we are able to spend more time engaging with our workers. We ensure that all workers are checked-in on regularly; we ask for worker feedback on days one, three and five and then regularly.

Our onsite team will develop and publish an engagement calendar that will include competitions, newsletters and awards. It is through this high touch model that we can boast an average temporary worker retention rate double that of most of our competitors.

Major Managed Services considers a partnership to be exactly as it should be. Focusing our full attention on our clients. We will not search for any other onsite managed service clients (your competitors) in the same vicinity. We give you our full focus and attention. That way, you get the service you signed up for.

Managed Services - Plate Spinning

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Whatever you’re looking for in an onsite proposition, let’s have a chat and see if Major can help. We would be more than happy to demonstrate what we have done for our other clients. To show how we can support you, and make your company better in doing so.

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