It’s always fantastic to win awards and be recognised for the amazing work you do. What’s even better, and probably more important to us as an organisation – is to keep that work up! Last year Major Recruitment landed a place on Ward Hadaway’s Fastest 50 Companies list. A list compiled purely based on the fastest growing, profit-making companies in the region, based on turnover growth. To land ourselves on that list was a great coo for Major, and it was the pat on the back we deserved for the growth we had managed through turbulent times. We were very happy, to say the least!

This list is based purely on a company’s turnover growth year on year. Therefore, it makes it that much harder to land a place the following year. A company having an exceptional year, may often find it hard to match that success the year after, never mind exceed it. Ward Hadaway compile their list using each companies’ average turnover growth. This is assessed on a percentage increase, based on the difference between turnover figures filed for the last three years.

Fastest 50

Proud moment for Major

That is why everyone at Major is so very proud to announce that once again we have landed ourselves on the Fastest 50 list with our increase of 23.8% turnover growth (£29,806,000)! What’s more, we’re hoping to climb the list next year due to our amazing performance this year.

Congratulations to everyone

As a company our full focus is constantly on performing at the highest level. We concentrate on providing our clients and candidates with the best service available. So, when things like this arise, we always allow ourselves to celebrate! It’s a huge honour to be amongst our community peers that are doing such an amazing job year on year. We’d like to pay huge congratulations to each and every company that made the top 50! You can click here now to see all of them. We’d specifically like to congratulate Ivegate Limited on topping the list, well done to everybody there! Hopefully, we’ll catch you soon – see you next year!