We may have only just announced that Zoë’s Place are our official charity at the beginning of the month, but we had no plans to sit on our hands and wait to make a start. We decided to jump in two footed and start raising funds straight away! Luckily for us, Monday 24th June to Friday 24th June was GO YELLOW week, which Major really really went for! Then Saturday 25th June was a big event in the Zoë’s Place calendar: IT’S A KNOCKOUT is an amazing event which we were very excited to join.

Go Yellow

It was almost perfect timing that we jumped onboard with Zoë’s Place literally weeks before their big “Go Yellow for Zoë’s Place” campaign. This was a week of fun and fundraising, to raise vital funds for babies and children with life-limiting conditions, and the families who rely on the services the hospice provides.

The team invited us to join and create our own fundraising activities, so we did! What’s more, we did it the Major way, having a lot of fun along the way. From Monday morning the Zoë’s Place team did anything they could including lighting up iconic landmarks in their local area, all in the attempt to raise awareness of their fantastic services.

Go Yellow week for Zoe's Place

But what did we do we hear you ask… Well firstly, we turned Major yellow – literally! Our logo, our banners, and our social channels all went yellow for the entire week. We had a ‘Go Yellow Bake Off’ selling baked goods made by staff to our clients, candidates and whoever we could find that wanted a sweet treat! Our Telford branch went one step further and had their own caking challenge – one of their clients paid £100 to cake Alex the branch manager in the face!

We then used Go Yellow as a theme for our monthly sales day, including a Go Yellow Duck Race, where our branches had to take Zoë’s Place colours out with them on their travels. On the Friday we went one step further and turned all of our staff yellow. All of our branches wore yellow for the day – some even went that one step further and dyed their hair (and beard) yellow.

What a week it was, we absolutely loved it!

It’s a Knockout

When we first met with the team from Zoë’s Place, we loved hearing about their upcoming event ideas. One in particular stood out to us and made us say “Sign us up NOW!” The ‘It’s a Knockout’ event is one of the most popular events they organise. It was described to us as a full day of games with inflatables, foam, water, and lots of laughs! Did it disappoint us? Nope!

It's a knockout for Zoe's Place

We sent a few teams from across Major to take on this challenge, and they loved it! Everyone got absolutely soaked, spent the full day belly laughing and raised a lot of money for a great charity – what more could you want? Oh, we’ll tell you – the winner’s trophies! Yes, you read that correctly, we walked away winners! (Not that it’s about winning at a charity event…but who doesn’t want to win?)

The Coming Months

As you can see, we have started our partnership with Zoë’s Place with a bang! However, we have no plans on slowing down now. We are now planning a calendar of events/activities that we can do throughout the year to raise awareness and funds. Keep your eye on our Major Blog for more information, we have Waxing Will, the Great North Run, and three and a half men in a boat coming soon!

In the meantime, if you would like to donate to Zoë’s Place you can use our new Enthuse fundraising page – click here to donate now. Thank you very much!