As a recruitment organisation, Major Recruitment choose to utilise and promote any government scheme that helps get young people into work. When we first heard about the Kickstart Scheme, we loved the fact it was another opportunity to give young people a steppingstone into their chosen sector, and so we applied immediately. Thanks to the scheme. we currently have 19 Kickstart Employees. Currently working at various branches for both Major Recruitment and our Equity Partners, as administrators and trainee consultants.


What exactly is the Kickstart Scheme?

Kickstart is a government scheme that provides funding to create new 6-month jobs for 16–24-year-olds on universal credit, who are currently at risk of long-term unemployment. Thousands of employers just like Major have already applied to be part of the scheme.

The governments funding covers:

  • 100% of the National Minimum Wage for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months. Or the National Living Wage depending on the age of the participant
  • Associated employer National Insurance contributions
  • Minimum automatic enrolment pension contributions
  • A grant of £1,500 per job to cover setup costs and employability support

Please remember, that throughout the entire process your organisation must provide support throughout the job. Thus, enabling the young person to be in a positive position to apply for full time roles in the future.

Let’s hear from our Kickstart Employees

We spoke to one of our Kickstart employees to see how their journey has been so far. Holly joined our Wakefield branch as a Logistics Administrator.

I got into the Kickstart scheme through universal credit. The company was recommended to me by my work coach. I applied and got a quick response asking for an interview with Paul, who is now my line manager. Admittedly, I was unsure about the job, because I had never been in an office role before. All my previous jobs were in the hospitality sector (pubs and cafes). I didn’t need to worry though; I was quickly made to feel welcome and useful.

One of the main selling points this job had for me (and why I picked it over others) was the different types of training sessions that are available. Having no previous experience in an admin role, I was unsure if I could be competent enough to fulfil the jobs required of me. The courses are available to anybody who feel they needed them. They gave me reassurance that even if struggled at first, as long as I was willing to learn and put in the effort, I could be.

Having worked at Major for a few months now, I can confidently say that being in the recruitment sector is surprisingly fulfilling. No day is the same, there is always something going on. It gives me a very good feeling when a driver I found and interviewed turns out to be a hard worker. Major itself is, like I mentioned above, a welcoming company to work in. There is always someone I can ask for help or instructions. Or even just to have a chat. Everyone I have spoken to is kind.

Kickstarter Holly

What does Major HR think?

It’s thanks to our fantastic HR department that Major was able to utilise the Kickstart Scheme, giving several individuals the opportunity to come and work with Major. We spoke to our Head of Group HR for her thoughts on the scheme. To see how it has been working with our Kickstarters.

“Major Recruitment are very proud to be supporting this fantastic scheme. It’s our opportunity to help those who are at risk of being unemployed in the long term. I’m sure you agree, young people deserve the best chance to succeed, to partner with us and make a difference.

From my perspective, the scheme has been a huge success so far! We have gained some very committed and hardworking individuals through the scheme. I have had some amazing feedback from the individuals themselves in relation to their experience, and from Managers who have benefitted from the placements.

Weve made it our mission to really try and nurture these individuals, ensuring weekly catchups with Alex Bottomley who acts as their Wellbeing Advisor. The aim now, where possible, will be to provide permanent roles for these individuals and for them to continue to learn and develop with us in a long-standing relationship.”


Would you like to take advantage of the Kickstart Scheme?

Are you are a company thinking about the Kickstart scheme? Do you think you could give some young workers an opportunity? You can find all the information here. From here you can find exactly how the scheme works, what you will get from it and how to apply.

Hopefully your business will be benefit and grow by taking on some young people full of energy, new ideas and digital know-how! Whilst offering them a potentially life changing opportunity.