It’s 2023, the recruitment world is spinning faster than a kid in one of those god-awful solo roundabouts! You’re sat there wondering ‘what’s in store for job seekers and employers?’ (if you’re not, for the purposes of this blog, you should be). So, put on your seatbelt, because we’re about to embark on a rollercoaster ride through the latest recruitment trends!

AI-Powered Recruitment

Imagine a robot in a posh office, sipping virtual coffee while shortlisting CVs – now stop doing that, it’s silly. However, AI-powered tools are now becoming mainstream, they are everywhere. They are analysing CVs, scanning for keywords, and even conducting initial interviews.

Recruitment Trends AI

Video CVs

Selfie’s, TikTok’s, Teams calls, filters the world is moving into video in a big way and you can’t and won’t stop it. Job seekers are now crafting video CVs to stand out from the crowd. This way employers get to see an individual’s charisma, communication skills, and whether you could be the next Spielberg – you know what they say, ‘the camera doesn’t lie.’

Project Based Jobs

Job hoppers or a Portfolio working is now the talk of the professional world. There is now a trend called the ‘gig economy’ where everyone works on their own terms. It’s popular for people preferring short term work arrangements with multiple clients allowing flexibility. This has and will have knock-on implications on how companies recruit and what work can be assigned to project-based workers.

Virtual Reality Interviews

Get ready to put on your fanciest VR headset for next job interview. In the not-so-distant future we might be negotiating salary while fending off digital zombies! Because why not? It is 2023, after all.

Employer Branding

We are now seeing employers going all-out to look like the cool kids at school. We are seeing them hosting webinars, showing off their eco-friendly offices, and even letting candidates peek behind the door and see what really happens in the office kitchen!

Pro-active Hiring

2023 and ahead will be the years of proactivity rather than the standard reactive recruitment. Companies will be looking to create and manage talent pipelines even before job vacancies materialise. Both recruiters and employers, will engage in skill-based candidate sourcing that they expect to be of need to the business in future. For companies with internal hiring, this will make their job a little tougher (maybe consider using Major? Just a thought).

Skill-First Hiring

This one will divide opinions, but many think in the future degrees are no longer golden tickets. It’s all about what you can DO now and not what you HAVE done in the past. If you’re a coding wizard or a data whiz, you’re the belle of the hiring ball and a favourite for the job.

Memes in the Workplace

Okay, maybe not in the workplace! Job listings are now coming with a hint of humour (and we love this). Employers are realising that a well-placed meme can make the job ad go viral. However, there is a time and a place – no matter how funny it is, sometimes it’s best not to.

Recruitment Trend Memes

In conclusion, the recruitment trends for 2023 are a giant mix of technology, flexibility, personality, and a dash of humour (which completely sums up what Major Recruitment is all about). Job seekers and employers are in for a lot of changes, but if they stay up to date with these trends, they’ll be fine.

What should you do now? Update that CV, practice your VR handshake, and maybe splash out on a decent webcam for your next dramatic video CV. Remember, in the world of recruitment trends, the only constant is change, we just need to be ready for it and embrace it!