Major Recruitment and Stronger Together work together in a multi-stakeholder business-led initiative aiming to reduce the issue of modern slavery.

Focusing on forced labour, labour trafficking and other hidden third party exploitation of workers.

What is ‘Modern Slavery’?

  1. Human Trafficking – The movement or recruitment of persons by means of threat, force or coercion for the purpose exploitation
  2. Forced Labour – A person is made to work against their will under the fear of a penalty
  3. Rogue landlords – Housing people in overcrowded and unsafe properties, often with threats of eviction or other intimidation
  4. Work-Finding Fees – In the UK it is unlawful for workers to be required to pay to get a job.

What’s the scale of ‘Modern Slavery’?

The problem of modern slavery is much more common than you may first realise.

  • Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world
  • Up 67% in two years in UK
  • 40,000,000 Global victims of slavery – GSI 2016
  • It is the second most profitable criminal industry to drugs

What are Major doing to tackle hidden labour exploitation?

  • Distributing worker leaflets and displaying posters
  • Building awareness, by educating workers and supervisors
  • Highlighting and implementing preventative measures
  • Working in unison with employee representatives and trade unions
  • Implementing channels for workers to report exploitation

We need your assistance to eradicate the problem of modern slavery!

Here’s what you can do to tackle modern slavery:

1. Look For Indicators

  • Threats of/or actual physical/sexual violence
  • Restriction of movement and confinement to the workplace or to a limited area
  • Debt Bondage – An employee works to pay off a debt/loan, and is not paid for their services
  • Withholding of wages – Refusing to pay the worker or making excessive wage reductions
  • Retention of passports and identity documents
  • Threat of reporting to the authorities

2. Report it!

If you suspect forced labour, human trafficking, rogue landlords, work finding fees in work:

  • Talk to a trusted manager or worker representative
  • Leave a message or note
  • Inform Major or Stronger Together and we’ll do the rest