No matter what your organisation does, your staff are the most important asset. So, the key to building a successful business is to have the best people. Then keep them motivated for the long term. But how do you find the best people? Do you do it yourself, or hire a recruitment agency to do it for you?

A good MD will allow his staff to do the work, it’s impossible to oversee everyone and it’s also counterproductive. If you let the sales team sell and let the marketing team be creative, why would you use up significant resources doing the recruiting yourself?

On paper, it seems like a simple process, but in practice it definitely isn’t. Finding the candidate that meets your needs, has relevant experience, fits into you company culture and is at the right point in their career to relish the opportunity is almost impossible to do without professional help. For a company doing their own recruiting, it can sometimes become a game of chance. 70% of job seekers have applied for a job they weren’t qualified for. So, are you willing to play the Candidate Lottery?

If you do choose to use a recruitment agency, what are the benefits?

Finding the Best Candidates

Agencies are statistically more likely to have access to the best job seekers. Most skilled job seekers don’t have the time to search through every job board. Instead, they choose a recruiter that they trust to do that for them.

Recruitment Agency - Finding the best

The best agencies have the skill/experience to spot candidates technical abilities and align them with a best fit organisation. It’s always in the agency’s best interest to find the right person for the job.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 job seekers will leave a job within the first year. Using a recruitment agency will help you find the right person for the job, preventing this and saving the company money and time.

Searching out Specific Individuals

Certain role requirements can be very specific, so taking on the recruitment process yourself for this can be problematic. If advertised incorrectly, you won’t find who you need and could be bombarded with CVs and applicants that don’t have the right skills and are wrong for your organisation.

Recruitment Agency - Searching with binoculars

Recruitment agencies like Major not only advertise for roles, we actively seek out the professionals that we think would be the perfect fit for your organisation. Managing the entire process and rejecting any unsuitable candidates, leaving you with a shortlist of people perfect for the role.

Saving time and money

Working with a recruitment agency saves time and resources that you would need to dedicate to recruiting internally. Your vacancy will be filled faster – with the right person – increasing the efficiency of your organisation.

Recruitment Agency - Clocks

At Major, we think it’s beneficial to work closely with recruiters. If we can get a feel of your organisation, understand your culture and goals. This then helps us find you the right candidates quicker, in the most cost-effective manner.

Salary Negotiations

If you’re unsure about technicalities such as the correct salary, this is where an agency is vital. Agencies can offer guidance using accurate market rates, area knowledge and salary data. Offering a lower salary could potentially rule out your perfect candidate.

Recruitment Agency - Negotiations

Agreeing a correct salary range with a recruitment agency avoids any problems later in the process. If needed they can also act on behalf of both parties. So that a mutual remuneration package for the candidate can be agreed. This will ensure both the candidate and organisation are aware of the salary, allowing a simple and smooth hiring process.

Short Notice Employment

At Major we not only find the permanent full-time candidates, we also place individuals in temporary/interim jobs. Whether it is for emergency cover, seasonal demand or to replace ill staff – we can help.

Recruitment Agency - Start Line

We have registered and pre-screened candidates that are ready to start working immediately. We can provide skilled and experienced individuals that can join your team without the need for training etc.

Confusing Recruitment Law

As a business you should concentrate on what you do best, but following laws and guidelines is a must! Recruitment laws are very complicated and can cause confusion.

Recruitment Agency - Confused

As recruiters it is our job to stay up to date with all recruitment laws and guidelines. We ensure that all employment law is adhered to throughout the recruitment process, so you don’t have to worry. We are members of ALP, Sedex and Stronger Together, and we are audited to ensure we follow their strict guidelines.

As you can see, recruitment can be a minefield, but it doesn’t have to be.

These are just a few of the benefits of working with a recruitment agency. Working with Major Recruitment means you have access to the experience and skills that your organisation needs, quickly, simply and most importantly, cost-effectively. You can then concentrate your resources on what you do best.

Major even offer a bespoke recruitment service, which is completely tailored to your needs. For an example of our bespoke process, have a look at the work we did with Austin Hayes. If you’re looking for a recruitment service tailored to your needs, give your local office a call or complete our enquiry form and we’ll come back to you to arrange the perfect solution.