As we reflect on the past year, our heart swells with gratitude, pride, and a tinge of sadness! It’s hard to believe that 365 days have passed since we embarked on this incredible journey with Zoe’s Place. In this blog, we wanted to look back on some of the remarkable experiences, the close bonds we’ve formed, and reveal the total amount we’ve raised for such an amazing cause. We also wanted to say goodbye in style and say that we will always keep Zoe’s in our heart.

A Year of Amazing Moments

From the very first day we walked into the Zoe’s Place, we knew it was something special. The warmth and camaraderie among the team there was palpable. It wasn’t just about work or raising money. It was more about a shared passion for improving lives and helping families that really need it. So together, we wanted to raise as much as we could to help them to help others.

Our first event with Zoe’s was one of the most memorable, it was their annual ‘It’s a Knockout’ event. It was a full day of fun and fundraising! Major entered several teams, and we took on other companies and individuals, all there for the same reason – to make money for Zoe’s. It was an incredible showcase of how powerful collective action can be. The day went perfectly – loads of staff had a whale of a time, they got to meet the Zoe’s team… AND WE WON!

From there, Major and Zoe’s fundraising staff became a close-knit team, they were welcomed new additions to the Major Family. Especially Tommy Harrington and Gina Earnshaw, so good they deserve the recognition.

We did some amazing things

‘It’s a Knockout’ was the first of so many events and fundraising days that we took part in. We canoed 22 miles along the Leeds to Liverpool canal, ran the Great North Run (twice), went Yellow in a big way, had a waxing day across the group, climbed Mount Snowdon at night and so on and so on and so on! All the events were done with a smile on our face, well not all of the time!

We said we wouldn’t cry!

As our year has drawn to a close, it is time to bid farewell to our run with Zoe’s Place and choose a new Charity of the Year. The thought of leaving behind such an amazing group of people is really tough. We’d grown together (they even went threw a complete rebranding which we were happy to be part of), laughed together, and worked together to make a difference. We are very proud of the Major Family for their involvement in the events and fundraising days.

The Grand Total

Now, the moment we’ve been eagerly waiting to share with you all: the grand total we raised for Zoe’s Place over the past year! Thanks to the dedication and generosity of our donors, staff volunteering for big events, and efforts of the entire Major Family, we managed to raise an astounding £12,415.84! During a time where there has been a definite lack of disposable income, we are very proud that we raised even more than we thought we would.

This achievement is a testament to what can be accomplished when the Major Family comes together with a shared purpose. The funds raised will go a long way in making a real impact on the lives of those in need.

It’s not goodbye it’s

To wrap up this blog, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for this incredible year with such a fantastic charity. It’s been an absolute joy working together. We are so happy that what we have achieved together will make such a difference.

Whilst our time working alongside Zoe’s has come to an end, we encourage everyone to do a little research on them and see the amazing work they do. Maybe they could be your organisations charity of the year? Or maybe you’d like to get involved with one of the many fantastic events they put on.

Thanks again to everyone involved! Keep your eyes out on our blog for the announcement of our next Charity of the Year.