Your recruitment partner for the IT and Technology sectors. 

Founded in 2020, mTech Recruitment set out on it’s journey to change the way that people view the recruitment industry. With a genuine passion for technology and a constantly growing network of like-minded, mTech was well positioned to start making waves across the UK.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, build sustainable partnerships, bring genuine value with our work and most importantly, never lose sight of the PEOPLE we work with.

Our aim is to organically grow alongside our partners as an extension to their business.

Our Technology

We’re quick to adopt new technologies that will bring more value to our service for our partners and we constantly research the next best thing to make that a reality. 

Using state of the art interview recording technology, we are able to give hiring managers a much greater insight into suitability and how a candidate will fit into their teams from the very beginning.

The Major Group Family