The rollercoaster that was 2020 hit every single one of us, and that’s why as an organisation we focused on making Major better. This focus allowed us to keep our heads down, concentrate on our work and let the world do it’s thing outside of our bubble. However, when Insider Magazine contacted us and told us we had made it onto the Growth 100 list, this gave us something to celebrate. Our hard work and efforts over the previous years which had seen the company grow exponentially, found us at 91st on this leader board of rapid growth.

Where did we place this year?

Fast forward a year (though it actually only feels like yesterday!), here we are at the announcement of the 2021 Growth 100 list. Thanks to last years efforts, we have made the list again. Not only that, but we have also climbed quite a few places too! We are now 66th on the list, and we couldn’t be happier! With a compound annual growth rate of 19.17% over the last 4 years, and an end of year turnover of £29.8 million, Major really turned what could have been a bad year into something special.

What’s ever better, we think because of the work we have put in, we may even climb a little higher next year!

The GROWTH 100 List

For those unsure about the Growth 100 List, it is a table which is generated each year by Insider Magazine. The magazine’s researchers scour the area for all companies with at least 1 million in turnover, they then measure each companies’ growth over a 4-year period. Any company failing to have consistent growth year on year would not make the list. Using this information, they can then find the top 100 fastest-growing companies.

Growth 100 List

The list isn’t all about how much turnover a company creates, or whether they’ve had one amazing year. This list is more about the consistency of success and continuous growth, which is why it means so much to us! Any company can have one good year, but to say Major are constantly growing and every year’s returns outweigh the last is more than we could ask for.

We can actually celebrate this one!

What made last year’s announcement bittersweet, was the fact we couldn’t celebrate it. Well, a zoom meeting didn’t really cut it. However, we’ve made the list again, and what’s more we’ve climbed it too, now we can celebrate this one together!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees; both past and present, for their efforts. Major has always believed it is the people within it that make us successful, and we always will.

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