Name: Lydia Donaldson
Job Title: Senior Operations Consultant

It’s Major Experience time again, today’s interview is with one of our Senior Operations Consultants – Lydia Donaldson.

How would someone describe you?

“Bubbly, outgoing, enthusiastic, helpful & definitely loud.”

What are you passionate about?

“Our clients & candidates, Operations and systems within branch, implementing a process and a happy team.”

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

“I was studying to be an accountant before I made the brave move. A career change which landed me in recruitment.”

How long have you worked with Major?

“3 and a half years.”

What made you choose Major Recruitment as opposed to other recruitment agencies?

“Major was my first recruitment job as I came from an Accounts Assistant role where I was studying my AAT. I chose Major as after completing a trial day the company seemed exciting. Investing in their employees and just an all-round great place to work and they didn’t disappoint.”

What did you expect from Major Recruitment when you first joined?

“As this was my first recruitment job, I didn’t really know what to expect. However, after completing a trial day I expected a fast paced and varied environment.”

Have Major ever gone above your expectations? How?

“Major always invest in their employees and let consultants choose their own career path. They will always help in any way they can for you to achieve this.”

Throughout your time with Major how have you developed as a professional?

“I started out with no confidence due to being new into recruitment. But with the training and time invested in me by Major, it has developed me into a confident consultant. I’ve turned a branch back around to be a leading branch again with the help of the team. I was involved in training across the company which resulted in a recent promotion to a Senior Operations Consultant.”

How has Major impacted you?

“Major has given me a career and developed me into a professional.”

How have you impacted on Major Recruitment?

“I’m currently involved in training across the company with new systems being implemented. I support branches with their operations and process. I am part of one of the leading teams in Major who have just had an outstanding year compared to other years. I’ve also recently just won two awards which were a ‘High rollers GP’ and ‘Operations Hero’.”

What do you wish other people would know about Major?

“Major have been established for over 25yrs. They have experienced exceptional growth over the last year with the addition of Equity Partners who have instantly become part of the Major Family.”

Do you have a defining experience with Major Recruitment?

“My defining experience has to be the last financial year 2018-2019. Our branch had our best year on record since I joined Major. We have created a stable happy team who are aiming to achieve bigger this year. This has resulted in my promotion and winning two awards at our recent awards ceremony.”

How would you describe Major Recruitment to future employees?

“Major Recruitment are a company who look after their employees. An exciting company with amazing growth and even more growth to happen and once you are part of Major you are part of the Major family.”

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