Our year with Zoe’s Place was fantastic and we managed to raise a lot of money for their great cause. As sad as it may be to leave them, it’s very exciting to announce our new Charity of the Year! This year, we have chosen to partner with Maggie’s, to support their incredible mission and contribute to the amazing work they do. We are so excited to start working with them!

Why Maggie’s?

Selecting the right charity partner is a decision we did not take lightly – and no, we didn’t pick them because they’re orange! Initially we asked every member of staff to suggest a potential charity to work with. After careful consideration, we worked out which of these charities would align best with our organisation’s culture and values. Once we had a final list, we put it to the vote. Every member of the Major Family chose their favourite and Maggie’s was our overall winner for this year!

So, who are Maggie’s?

Maggie’s support people with cancer and their families from their 24 centres across the UK. Built in the grounds of NHS cancer hospitals, Maggie’s centres offer free practical, psychological, and financial support to people with cancer and their families and friends. Last year Maggie’s supported over 290,000 visits from people needing their help.

Relaxing at Maggie's

Maggie’s centres are designed to be more like a home than a hospital. Where people with cancer find the hope, determination, and resources they need to cope with one of the toughest challenges any of us is likely to have to face. They’re places to find practical advice from benefits and eating well; places where qualified experts provide psychological support; places to meet people who are in similar situations and share experiences.

All their support is free of charge, and everybody is welcome – people with a current or past cancer diagnosis, their family members, friends, and those who have lost a loved one to cancer. Maggie’s professional cancer support specialists, psychologists, benefits advisors, and sessional staff help patients navigate the complexities of their cancer diagnosis through a personalised programme of support. This expert support is proven to enhance the overall quality of life at all stages of cancer.

Their long-term mission is to be there for everyone with cancer in the UK. To be at all 60 NHS cancer centre hospitals so everyone living with cancer has access to the expert emotional and practical support they so desperately need.

Major meets Maggie’s

We paid a visit to the Oldham Maggie’s (Royal Oldham Hospital) to meet the team, and it was amazing. Firstly, we were blown away by the building itself (Google it, it’s like something from Grand Designs; it’s a wooden building on stilts!) and secondly by the amazing work they do there.

Major meeting Maggie's

It’s hard to understand how amazing it is without visiting or talking to someone who works there or uses their facilities. This quote from a Maggie’s visitor says it all…

“Maggie’s made me feel normal at a time when everything in my life was far from normal”.

The beauty of Maggie’s is that it’s a place you can drop in at any time (no appointments necessary). You can receive help, advice, or simply sit with a brew. Many patients will visit the hospital and not want to go straight home with what they’ve experienced on their minds. So instead, they pop into Maggie’s and have a chat, read a book, or maybe even do a jigsaw!

This is a fantastic little video called ‘Rebecca’s Story’. In which Rebecca explains how her whole family became regular visitors to Maggie’s during her cancer treatment.

Our Commitment

Throughout this year, we will be engaging in a range of fundraising and volunteering activities to support Maggie’s initiatives. The Major Family (as always) will be getting involved (doing who knows what) to help Maggie’s achieve its goals.

There’ll be some crazy events going on across the year, so keep your eyes on our blog and socials to keep up with our progress. We’re very excited about the year ahead and the opportunity to work closely with Maggie’s. Together, we can have a lot of fun and raise some well needed funds whilst doing so!

Jigsaw and a brew at Maggie's

Finally, please spread the word about Maggie’s to your friends and family. We believe everyone will know somebody who would benefit from Maggie’s, but they may not know it’s available to them! Send friends a link to the website (CLICK HERE) and let them see for themselves.