Name: Jo Lofts
Job Title: Director

The first Major Experience with Nicky received great feedback, so we’re back for another. This time we’ve gone right to the top, to give you a Directors point of view about Major Recruitment.

We took time out of Jo Lofts busy schedule to get you the inside scoop, so enjoy!

How would someone describe you?

“Determined, Passionate, Progressive and Hard working.”

What are you passionate about?

“Major Recruitment Group and obviously the North East.”

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

“3 children, 5 Grandsons, 2 Parrots (1 enjoys swearing on a regular basis), 2 dogs and a fish tank…. Yeah I have a zoo and that’s just the Grandchildren.”

How long have you worked with Major?

“2 years on 14th June 2019.”

What made you choose Major Recruitment as opposed to other recruitment agencies?

“Worked for Phil previously and knew that I would always work him again and soooo glad I came back.”

What did you expect from Major Recruitment when you first joined?

“A challenging environment with a family feel.”

Have Major ever gone above your expectations? How?

“Yes, such a fabulous company with some amazing people within the Group.”

Throughout your time with Major how have you developed as a professional?

“Not sure really …… would need to ask Katie or Phil lol.”

How has Major impacted you?

“Made me more determined.”

How have you impacted on Major Recruitment?

“Hopefully very well. Top Branch two years running.”

What do you wish other people would know about Major?

“How damn fantastic we are, how we support individuals and never give up. We are definitely resilient and always bounce back!”

Do you have a defining experience with Major Recruitment?

“Winning Manager of the Year.”

How would you describe Major Recruitment to future employees?

“Great company to work for, dynamic, transparent and a growing company with fantastic opportunities”

Keep your eye on Major News for more Major Experiences to come, including Senior Operations Consultant Lydia Donaldson and Branch Manager Stuart Melrose and if you missed the first with Nicky Battye, you can find that here.