Recent UK figures suggest that replacing an employee can cost a business upwards of £30,000; therefore, it makes much more sense for employers to do everything they can to retain their best employees. Particularly those who are driven to better themselves through higher education. The option to upskill your employees gives you the opportunity to retain them whilst improving your workforce.

“In the face of an ever-changing business environment, major shifts across industries and an increasingly global economy, leaders need to be continually learning how to keep up with those changes. Or better yet, be the driving force of that change.”

Kirsten Moss, Stanford University

Major Recruitment offers access to industry-led content which can be directly applied to the workplace. Individuals will be able to develop their attributes and skills to make a real difference from the very outset. Working closely with industry professionals and businesses alike, we provide specialist courses that will cater to your business needs and fill the gaps in skill shortages.

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Are you are an individual who is looking to broaden their options with a qualification? Major Development has many courses and qualifications via personal study.